Monday, 7 January 2013

The truth and facts that are missing from Fox "News"

  I say "The truth" but really it should be "All truth" almost.  Fox News is a blatant spin machine that lies, distorts and insinuates more then it actually reports.  Their latest target is Al Gore and his sale of his "Unsuccessful" cable news channel, Current TV,  to Al Jazeera.

  First lets look at the general tone of their "reporting" and I use that term in the loosest of manners.  The claim Current TV was a failure but in the same breath admit that it has made Al Gore a lot of money.  The sale was on the order of $400,000,000.00.  They didn't make a loss so ... that seems to me like it was not a failure but a success.  They accuse Al Gore of avoiding capital gains tax but the sale was in January not December so will incur the higher capital gains tax.  They claim that Al Jazeera is just a anti American news agency.  I'd argue that Al Jazeera is just a real news agency that doesn't let its reporting get skewed by politics.

  Lets look at Al Jazeera.  Is it anti American?  It is a state owned organisation.  That state being Qatar.  For those of you that don't know Qatar holds our largest military base in the region and it is where we've launched 2 wars from.  If you want "Friends of America" Qatar is the place to be in the region.  Something that Fox "News" doesn't understand or more exactly is hyper hypocritical about is that actually reporting the news, regardless of how it makes any particular political group look, isn't unpatriotic.  It is called being unbiased and journalism.  Something Fox "News" knows nothing about.  Fox News called anyone protesting against the Tea Party or GOP as "un American" or "unpatriotic" because they were against the current administration back during the Bush era.  But when crazy people ask to secede because their candidate lost both the popular and electoral vote Fox "News" sided with them.

  When a journalist points out that a government is responsible for the deaths of children, innocent civilians or even torture against prisoners they are doing their job as journalist.  The fact that so many American's want to stay ignorant to the facts doesn't make Al Jazeera "anti-American".   It makes Al Jazeera a reputable news organisation and makes those "Americas" ignorant fucktards.  Unlike Fox "News", Al Jazeera is not a political spin machine for the GOP or any other political party.  By actually reporting the news and not distorting it they'll challenge their viewers to question their political beliefs at times.  Something Fox "News" can't understand.  Much like a Young Earth Creationist can't fathom the bible not being 100% literal and "True" those at Fox "News" can't fathom anything the GOP does as much less then perfect.  Both groups are highly deluded and wilfully ignore the facts to keep their world view.

  This isn't just my opinion of Al Jazeera.  Just the English arm of Al Jazeera has won many more journalistic awards then Fox "News" could ever even hope to.
Recently this included the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award, Grand Prize .

  Fox "News" ties to make its viewers, who are ignorant, scared because "Al Jazeera" sounds like some evil rag head propaganda machine.  The fact is "Al Jazeera" means "The Island".  It is a state run organisation but before people freak out the B.B.C. is a state run news organisation.  So is the Australian run A.B.C.  All these state run news organisations have, on many occasions, shown that their journalism isn't compromised by the state that owns them.  Unlike the majority of "journalists" at Fox "News" who constantly bow to the political views of Rupert Murdoch and other   member of the Board of Directors.  Fox "News" tries to scare its viewers by telling them that Current TV is now owned by non Americans.  This coming from a "News" organisation who is run by an Australian and second largest owner is Al-Waleed bin Talal, a Saudi Prince.

  Last point I want to enlighten people to is Fox "News"'s implication that Al Gore sold Current TV to Al Jazeera when their were other competing offers and hold up Glen Beck as an example.  First off Glen Beck is good at what he does.  Which is scaring his ignorant listeners into being even more ignorant morons all the while making bucket loads of money doing it.  But his offer failed for multiple reasons.  One is on principal.  Al Gore didn't want Current TV to go to a spin doctor with no journalistic integrity.  Two, by Glen Beck's own admission, it wasn't a serious offer.  They didn't have the money to buy it.  It is kind of like complaining that your neighbour wouldn't sell their house to your kid just because your kid didn't have the money to buy it.  Fox "News" makes it sound like there was a better offer out there and Al Gore wantingly sold Current TV to an evil organisation to help destroy America.

  Fox "News" does a great job at what they do.  They feed their viewers just what they want.  Fear  mongering to ignorant people that believe that anyone that holds any idea they don't agree with are the lowest from of life known.  Mean while the rest of us appreciate actual journalists that challenge our world views.  Exposes the social and political injustices of the world and help make our world a better place by broadening our understanding of the true nature of our society.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Injustice in Steubenville OH

  Back in August a 16 year old girl was slipped a date rape drug by at least 2 members of the Steubenville High School football team.  Upon finding out what happened she and her family went to file charges.  From then on it seems that Steubenville take care of their own no matter what.  After a quick investigation and trail the boys in question have been little more then slapped on the wrist officially and unofficially are still praised within the town.

  Members of Anonymous have since released a large amount of information into the Steubenville rape case, the handling and prosecution of the case and the level of corruption in the town and law enforcement community.  Found here 

  I'm not into conspiracies but when you look at the evidence presented it is obvious that so many people are involved in trying to cover this up that it can't be considered anything else.  From the Sheriff in charge to the prosecution office.  The very office that is supposed to fight for justice for the victim   Apparently their idea of justice is that the jocks should get free rain and it doesn't matter who the hurt or how much they hurt them.

  Video evidence taken by the "boys" charge show not only that they didn't have remorse but think it is funny they raped not only this girl but others as well.  At one point one of the kids asked another kid “What if that was your daughter?”  he then laughed and said "But it isn't".  Right there is a good indication of the attitude of some of these boys.  The fact that the boy referred to the rape victim as "it" and not "she" speaks volumes.  It gets worse his full reply was "But it isn't! If that was my daughter I wouldn't care!".

  It is interesting in this day in age with the level of technology we have around us.  Sadly even if law enforcement was on the side of the victim in this case I'm not sure how much of the "evidence" could be used.  The rape was bragged about not only on local web sites but there were twitter posts being made referencing the crime DURING the crime.  The criminals seem to love to brag about their crimes.  Most of us would think that is crazy.  To admit what happened. To laugh about it while being video taped. But they don't.  They feel safe because they are the stars of the town and so far their community have covered up for them.

  Sadly so far justice is failing in this case and I personally wouldn't be sad or upset if these "boys" started to disappear.  Don't get me wrong I'd rather them be properly charged, investigated and prosecuted.  But that didn't happen.  That isn't happening.  Good on Anonymous for getting the evidence they have.  The police seemed to have "inadvertently" destroyed evidence in the process of collecting it.  Very convenient that pictures, videos and other electronic evidence was mistakenly delete.  Makes me sick.  Sadly even if the boys get off scot-free I wonder how much this information that has been leaked will actually affect them.  I know their are people that not only don't care what these young men have done, but those that think it is their right and privilege to do what they have done.  So they'll probably thrive in their community as the sociopaths they are.

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